Project Coordinator: Utrecht University
Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning, Faculty of Geosciences

One of the largest departments in this field of study in Europe, departmental researchers focus on the dynamic interactions between spatio-temporal behaviour of individuals and households, and the spatial configuration of land uses. These include housing, employment, facilities, population categories, transport and communication systems. Many research activities take place at the scale of the city or the neighbourhood.

Researchers: Ronald van Kempen (1958-2016), Gideon Bolt, Anouk Tersteeg


Consortium Partners


University of Vienna
Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology incorporates sociological research and teaching at the University of Vienna. The department focuses on social problems through its programme of empirical analysis serving to combine diagnosis of society and sociological theory. The research areas include: Family Life, Feminist Theories and Gender Studies, Health Research, Interpretive Sociology, Culture and Economy, Sociology of Human Development, Migration and Ethnicity, Organizational Sociology, Poverty studies and Comparative Social Policies, Social Stratification and Social Inequality, Urban Sociology and Visual Sociology.

Researchers: Yuri Kazepov, Ryan Jepson, Miriam Pot, Lukas Alexander



University of Antwerp
Centre on Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City (OASeS)

The OASeS pursues theoretically informed sociological research in the fields of poverty and social exclusion, the city and the living environment and knowledge and organisations. Thematically varied as the research of OASeS is, the members of the research centre are mainly interested in grasping contemporary social change, its dynamics of inclusion and exclusion, its spatial dimension (particularly the city and localities), the diverse forms of knowledge and organisations implied in it and the way it re-constitutes the relationship between society and the living environment. The research of OASeS stands at the crossroads of the local and the global, working both with grassroots organisations and local authorities as well as with European bodies and with the entire range of intermediate levels of governance.

Researchers: Stijn Oosterlynck, Gert Verschraegen, Danielle Dierckx, Arne Saeys, Ympkje Albeda