Policy Briefs

All of our Policy Briefs are available to download below.

February 2017

City policy agendas are much more geared to the assets of diversity than national agendas. Careful city planning can link diversity policies to spatial interventions and stimulates the inclusion of new groups, such as refugees. A hopeful sign for cities is that younger generations are more at ease with diversity than older ones and tend to focus more on what unites us than what separates us. This policy brief, therefore, calls for a positive approach to diversity and presents cities as spaces of hope.

December 2016

This policy brief describes the governance and policy impli- cations of the large-scale DIVERCITIES research project on urban diversity in 14 cities in Europe and beyond. It is based on a mutual learning exercise between academics, policymakers and civil society representatives and a comparative reading of the research results for the 14 cities. How can urban policies and actions improve social cohesion, neighbourhood attachment and everyday life in di- verse and disadvantaged neighbourhoods? What needs to change in the discourses, perceptions and approaches of diversity amongst policymakers and civil society actors in order to govern urban diversity in a more productive way? How can the potential of diversity for promoting social mo- bility, economic performance and entrepreneurship be enhanced?

April 2016

Diversity in Entrepreneurship

This policy brief considers the relationship of diversity to social cohesion and social mobility at the neighborhood level. It calls for a multi-faceted policy approach to diversity, which would simultaneously deal with the perception of diversity, the creation of spaces of encounter and reducing social inequality.

July 2015

Living With Diversity